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Beautiful hand-painted cards are brimming with astrological lore. Fast track your learning and practice so your readings come alive with passion and detail ~ effortlessly!

Pure Astrologay

About Your Cards

Your Pure Astrology card deck is comprised of 12 signs, 12 houses, 10 planets, 4 elements, 3 modalities, 6 aspects, and 4 glossaries (51 cards).  The larger format (3.25" x 5.5") with rounded corners ensures your chart readings come alive.  Each astrology card is a unique work of art.  Instructions are on the cards so you never lose them. Price:  $45 US or $56 Cdn. Paypal calculates current exchange rates.  We welcome school and store inquiries. To order, visit Pure Astrology Cards.

Card orders are processed the next business day. All Canadian and US orders are tracked and generally arrive within 10 days. International countries are not tracked as cost is prohibitive. Please allow for 3 weeks delivery. We will keep you up to date as the world changes.

We are community builders. A percentage of profits goes directly to young families struggling to make ends meet.

Contact us: barbara@pureastrology.ca

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Learn how to use your Pure Astrology cards to create an immersive astrology experience.

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Learn the language of Astrology 

Our cards help you connect with the language of astrology. They can be used to help you better understand what your chart means by giving you a visual aid that immerses you in the experience.

Create an interactive class

Our cards pair perfectly with any beginner Astrology Class. Your students will get so much value out of Pure Astrology.

Add to your client's experience 

Astrology readers use our card as a tool to add to their client experience. Our cards help create a more interactive reading.

Make your content pop

Astrology influencers can have a visual tool to share their passion online. Our hand-painted cards make it easy to talk astrology with your audience.

What people are saying about Pure Astrology Cards

I love these cards to do Astrology chart readings ! There are a great snap shot of all the components needed to read some one’s chart! So happy to have found them!

Danielle R

Genius idea, simple to use- with a lot of information .
Great idea ladies . Highly recommend these for all who needs to know

Cynthia P

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Get to know yourself and your chart through a 1 hour astrology reading with Barbara Smith.

Barb has always had a love affair with the stars, moon and astrology. It's her 'go to' place. Barb seeks to understand; to support others in a deep and meaningful way through the science of astrology. Know Thyself: Universal alignments reveal the true essence of one's soul. It's personal and it's about 'coming into ourselves'.