Pure Insight is a labour of love created by sisters Barbara Smith and Dana Caple.  Barbara is a family counsellor and astrologer who loves to combine her knowledge to help people find their life path. Dana is an artist who is inspired by nature and community building.


Barb's Story:

Barb has always had a love affair with the stars, moon and astrology. It's her 'go to' place. Barb seeks to understand; to support others in a deep and meaningful way through the science of astrology. Know Thyself: Universal alignments reveal the true essence of one's soul. It's personal and it's about 'coming into ourselves'.

Barb's life has been a series of adventures interspersed with university life. She has a Bachelor of Social Work and Masters in Adult Education & Leadership. Her passion for counselling couples and families combined with her knowledge of the age old science of astrology has allowed her to help people find a deeper view of themselves and where they fit into the universe.


Dana's Story:

Dana was a hippy granola gal with an entrepreneurial flair for projects with a mission. She often finds herself in situations way over her head! Her background includes owning a clothing store, building a national natural health platform, working with homeless people in France and creating beautiful art!

Dana lives by "I am enough; I have enough".  She has a strong commitment to community and being brave.  Dana is grateful for a life that allows her both global and local perspectives. She spends half her life in Sechelt, BC Canada, and the other in a small seaside village in France.

"Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that has!"  Margaret Mead

Together, they have created Pure Insight Therapy cards and Pure Astrology students learning cards:  hand painted astrology cards designed to inspire you to take a deep dive into your soul.